Our Process

Your home should reflect you: Who you are, how you live, what matters most

The Lewis team holds itself to the highest standards to deliver you the highest quality home. We keep these values close to our hearts.


The most important family moments begin at home. We want to be a catalyst for those moments.


We are consistent and uncompromising in our commitment to doing our best work, always.


Your vision is always top of mind, and we make sure you feel completely informed throughout the building of your home.

We lay the foundation with communication

Whether it’s building a new home or renovating an existing one, we begin by getting to know you. We listen to what you truly want and align expectations. That’s the best part for us.

From there, we build a team with you at the center. We have a process in place to inform you each step of the way, and when you have feedback, we listen and adjust.

We work together to deliver a quality product on time and within budget.

A roadmap for success

The first step happens before building begins. Our preconstruction process ensures that you are in the driver’s seat. We learn your vision, goals, budget and timeline. In turn, you get a sense of the possibilities and the pricing. Together, we determine the roadmap.

We refer to the roadmap throughout the project, updating it when there are changes and staying true to our shared vision each step of the way.

During the project

When you choose to work with us, you give us your trust. In return, we give you our word that we will do as we say, each day.

We are grateful for your confidence, and we want to keep it. We manage expectations, adhere to the timeline and budget, and quality of our work.